Alibi V.23 No.14 • April 3-9, 2014 

Best of Burque 2014

Wherein you told us what’s what

It’s hard remembering a time when there wasn’t a Best of Burque—it’s been around longer than lots of its voters, now. It was the first and remains the best “Best of” of Burque, even amid an ever-growing host of distracting start-ups and simulacra, vying for imaginary market share and kissing rump roasts harder than dignity abides.

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From left, Rennie and Brett Sparks
Eric Williams ericwphoto.com

BOB: Community Pick

Brett and Rennie Sparks (aka The Handsome Family): “Every time a bunch of prairie dogs finds a nice bit of grass or even a bit of forgotten dirt to build themselves a town within our city's confines, there are people immediately pushing them out with poisoned hay and other nastiness. Can't we somehow find a way to make space for these adorable, intelligent animals? Will it really ruin your shopping experience to have them peeking out of holes along the grass between Babies“R”Us and Target?”
Best-Dressed Burqueño: Alibi publisher Carl Peters—er, make that Don Schrader (left)
Valerie Hollingsworth

BOB: Life in Burque

Best Scandal, Best TV News Personality, Best-Dressed Burqueño, Best Place to See a Ghost, Best Place to People-Watch, The Person We Lost in 2013 That We'll Miss Most and other aspects of a life that can only be lived in this particular city.

BOB: Community Pick

Gabrielle Torres (Miss Albuquerque): “Whether you are an amateur hiker, a runner or you have many miles on your hiking boots, the Sandias offer a variety of trails and scenery. The transition from high heels to tennis shoes seems to be the best part …”
Best Gay Bar and Best Bar for Dancing: Effex
Eric Williams ericwphoto.com

BOB: The High Life

Best Bar Staff

Generous, capable and attractive, the staff at Sister will chat you up or leave you alone, depending on your happy hour mood, and they won't lose their shit when the bar is three-deep at midnight. Sister puts their servers through rigorous special training in the whole eye contact thing to ensure great service. Same psychic bartender school Anodyne sends their people to. It is also universally agreed that Sister's cadre of door guys are of the highest caliber. (GP)

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Maggie Hart Stebbins

BOB: Community Pick

Maggie Hart Stebbins (Bernalillo County Commissioner): “How often do you drive through the intersection at Carlisle and Indian School and not take a look at the giant red arrow, stuck there in a big stone block? Most of us breeze by or pull into the Whole Foods parking lot with hardly a glance. But if you take the time to stop and look at the thing, it’s magnificent!“
Best Mural: Astro-Zombies
Eric Williams ericwphoto.com

BOB: Arts & Lit

Best Comedy Troupe, Best Graffiti, Best Author, Best Poet, Best Theater Performance, Best Mural—all these bests and more in creative endeavors.
Richard Berthold

BOB: Community Pick

Richard Berthold (ex-UNM professor): “An excellent place to visit in Albuquerque is UNM. You can attend a Regents meeting and see people whose only qualification is supporting some governor's election decide the fate of the university.”
Best Butcher / Meat Counter: Keller's Farm Stores
Eric Williams ericwphoto.com

BOB: Local Flavor

Best Growers’ Market

From June through October, on Saturday mornings, get on over to Robinson Park at 8th and Central downtown, and get your fix of fresh, local and homemade goodness of all kinds. Vegetables, fruits, baked goods, artisan items, and if that's not enough, there’s always a parade of food trucks lined up to keep you nourished while you shop. (HVW)

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Raven Chacon
Raven Chacon

BOB: Community Pick

Raven Chacon (Composer/artist, Spirit Abuse founder): “It’s okay if you move away to a bigger city, but others will take your place while you are working 9-to-5 to pay for your tiny-ass apartment.”
Best Tattoo Shop: Star Tattoo
Eric Williams ericwphoto.com

BOB: Goods & Services

Best Book Store, Best Thrift Store, Best Bicycle Shop, Best CD/Record Store, Best Adult Shop, Best Yoga or Pilates Studio, Best Computer Help and a bunch of other winners in the realm of quid pro quo.
Alex Denbaars
Alex Gillikin

BOB: Community Pick

Alex Denbaars (Musician/community organizer, Goathead Record Collective): “The tiny, spiky, troublesome little seeds known as goatheads can be found almost anywhere in the city but are most concentrated at Fairview Memorial Park Cemetery. Their Latin name is Tribulus terrestris, which translates to ‘spiky weapon of the Earth,’ and it is certainly a name they live up to—as anyone who has stepped on one in the dark with bare feet can attest to.“
Tess Holmes, daughter of Jayme Holmes and Bonnie Minkus Holmes
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Lynette Silva

BOB: Photo Winners

Is there really a Cutest Baby? A Best Dog? Certainly a Weirdest Tattoo seems plausible. But why debate the possibilities? Photographic evidence has been presented and the truth can now be told.

BOB: Best Anything We Forgot

Best Anything We Forgot

We’re not omniscient—okay, technically, some of us are—and so we welcome your annual input on what Best of Burque categories we neglected.