Alibi V.25 No.18 • May 5-11, 2016 
Weekly Alibi Summer Guide 2016

Summer Guide 2016

Wash, Rinse, Do Something Else

Wake up, go to work, go home, drink a beer, go to bed, wake up, go to work … you get the idea. Let's use this as an opportunity to punctuate your regular grind with something interesting.

Summer Guide 2016

Field Guide to Summer

A curated event line-up and corresponding reading

Here is a list of summer field trips and their required reading.
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ZZ Top
Craig O’Neal

Summer Guide 2016

Ever Been to Concert Heaven?

Be a good neighbor and go see some shows

Summertime is concert time.

Summer Guide 2016

Happy Campers

A compendium of rockin’ summer camps for the sprogs

Don’t think of it as getting rid of the kids for a while. Think of it as them getting rid of you for a while.
enjoying ice cream
Brie MacQuarrie

Summer Guide 2016

Make Me Melt

There’s nothing better than ice cream in the summer

Just in time for summer's blazing heat, here are Renée Chavez’s favorite sweet spots in Burque to get a taste of homemade heaven.
Josh vs Rob

Summer Guide 2016

2016 ABQ Summer Octathalon

Dweeb vs. Pleb

Every year since 1836, two challengers have been chosen to meet in the spirit of competition for the ABQ Summer Octathalon.