Alibi V.25 No.21 • May 26-June 1, 2016 
Day Tripper

Day Tripper

Take these pages of guides and experiences and use them as a match to light a fire under your own adventure-seeking ember.
Take the road less travelled
Blythe Crawford

Day Tripper

Rest, Even for the Wicked

San Antonio Hot Springs are worth all the trouble

Gaze at this majestic lime, rust and sand-streaked stone precipice while soaking in the velvety hot mineral waters of San Antonio Hot Springs across the valley.
View of the Rio Grande from the Cielo pool
Robon Babb

Day Tripper

Floating en el Cielo

Truth or Consequences delivers serious relaxation

The town’s name was initially Hot Springs before it took the name of the popular NBC radio program “Truth or Consequences” in 1950 as part of a contest.
Dirty Velvet

Day Tripper

Revelations on the Plains

A Toyota pickup, Contact and the Very Large Array

Peering into the farthest reaches of space, these telescopes see in fine detail, providing insights into the births—and deaths—of universes not so different from our own.
Neon at Charlie’s
Taylor Grabowsky

Day Tripper

Of Churches & Castles

Historic towns with prisms, ghosts and giant cream puffs

If you are interested in seeing a slice of New Mexico history, Las Vegas is a good place to start.
Manzano, New Mexico
Eric Williams Photography

Day Tripper

Longest Way Round is the Shortest Way Home

Ghost towns, ruins provide glimpse of N.M. history

For interesting ghost towns, Pueblo ruins and sun-baked N.M. towns on the edge, head south from Tijeras.