Alibi V.28 No.6 • Feb 7-13, 2019 

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Sweetheart, We LUV U: RSVP to our Dance Party

Discount tix to Feb. 14 event available now!

In 2019, the American zeitgeist weathers a conversation heart shortage—you know, those pastel candy hearts we’ve collectively gobbled up since 1902. While you can’t buy freshly stamped Necco Sweethearts this year, you can sub in Brach’s laser-printed Conversation Hearts. Like candy hearts, our culture is fairly homogenous in its bias toward romantic love and monogamy. But they’re not for everyone, and Weekly Alibi gets that. Whether you’re ISO a legit soulmate or a frisky playmate, visit Alibi Bucks now to get in on some red-hot half-price ticket action.

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