Alibi V.28 No.13 • March 28-April 3, 2019 

Best of Burque Music 2019

Best of Burque Music Showcase features nominees and winners Sat. 3/30

BoBM 2019 results show diversity, depth and dedication

At the end of the race, it was clear that music rules this town and this year, the rock, jazz, art music, Latinx, Americana, electronica, and hip-hop communities—as well as many others, although we didn’t hear much from many ukulele enthusiasts, dang it—came together, creating a wide-ranging spread that you all can check out for realz when we present our Best of Burque Music Showcase this weekend, March 30 in downtown Albuquerque starting at 6:30pm.
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Charley’s 33s & CDs
Courtesy Albuquerque Curiousities

Best of Burque Music 2019

Around Town

Around Town is the category about socially functional aspects of music.
Prism Bitch

Best of Burque Music 2019

Best of the Best

Players and bands in this town are known for their prowess and musicality, even far from our town’s ostensible borders. This year our readers contributed to that historical conversation.
David Felberg
Courtesy KSJE 90.9 FM

Best of Burque Music 2019

Individual Performers

Whether ripping out massive riffs on the guitar, writing epic symphonies or vocalizing all angelic or demonic, this town has a profoundly rich community in tune with that thing called chops. Here’s a list of folks our readers say hold the key to that interactive process.
courtesy of the artist

Best of Burque Music 2019

Best Recording

Making records forms the core efforts of many an artist or ensemble.