Alibi V.28 No.39 • Sept 26-Oct 2, 2019 
Black Tiger Sex Machine


We Are, We Are, We Are

SOMOS Festival lights the way home

This year’s SOMOS is going to be more inclusively complex than ever, promising participants as well as sponsors, performers—and everyone else in a 10-mile radius—a glimpse into what Albuquerque is or could be and what it very likely will evolve toward under continued progressive governance and consequent cultural expression.
Kharli Brockmeier: The Mother of Jellies.
Photo by Clarke Condé

Art Preview

The Art at SOMOS

Installations, Activations and The Mother of Jellies

SOMOS is primarily a music festival, but swimming through the crowd this year in pulsing, color-changing LED fashion will be eight mermaids holding eight jellyfish made from umbrellas and festooned with shedding, colorful boas.