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 Aug 4 - 10, 2011 

Reel World


MTV: Take Two

Reel World

For the very first time, the international 48 Hour Film Project is adding a music video portion. The 48 Hour Music Video Project will be tested out right here in Albuquerque this September. If it’s successful, it’ll go international next year alongside the 48 Hour Film Project. So what does it consist of? How about 20 bands and 20 film teams attempting to shoot 20 music videos in just 48 hours? Sound like your cup of tea? Registration is underway right now, and only 20 teams will be allowed to compete. The very first meet-and-greet between bands and filmmakers will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 10, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Blackbird Buvette (509 Central NW). Completed videos will be shown to the public on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at a special KiMo Theatre screening. Winners will land cash prizes and the opportunity to screen at 48 Hours’ annual Filmapalooza gathering

Tigress Blood

Apparently, Charlie Sheen isn’t the only tiger-blooded, scandal rocked “star” shopping a new TV series (an ill-advised adaptation of the 2003 Adam Sandler movie Anger Management) to the networks. According to a press release sent to us by Mind Engine Productions (producers of the Starz series “Make Me a Porn Star”), Bree Olson, one of Sheen’s former “goddesses,” is trying to find a home for her so-called reality show “Tight.” The series follows the adventures of an “all-girl porn star rock band” and has been described (by producers, mind you) as “a cross between ‘Jersey Shore’ and Spinal Tap.” Olson, a former porn star herself, acts as manager for the band. That’s right, she’s not even in the band, but she did help “pick the musicians, the music, the costumes, everything.” So there’s that. According to the company’s press release, the series filmed an episode in Santa Fe where they “played to a packed house” at the Cowgirl. “The audience loved the girls,” Olson claims, “and they even hung out afterwards and sung karaoke with some of the regulars.” She goes on to describe how the band’s behavior rubbed some of the waitresses the wrong way. Apparently, staff had to clean up after “guitarist Layla Labelle and bassist Tuesday Cross engaged in a guacamole food fight.” Oh, those wacky porn star musicians. The press release also explains how the girls later showed up at S.F.’s Solana Laundromat where “patrons got an eyeful as the porn stars filled machines with armfuls of lingerie and used a laundry cart to hurtle drummer Alicia Andrews around the machines as though they were at an amusement park.” It seems as though a follow-up gig in Albuquerque was canceled when “the venue, a senior citizen’s home, learned of the band’s reputation.” Unfortunately, Santa Fe residents who witnessed this no-doubt historic event will have to wait until the show is picked up by G4 or HDNet or one of the other networks Mind Engine is hoping to unload the show on. In the meantime, you might not want to Google “Bree Olson” and “Tight.”

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