Alibi V.22 No.6 • Feb 7-13, 2013 

Week in Sloth

“Community” season 4

Thursday 7

“Community” (KOB-4 7 p.m.) “Community” finally makes it back on the air for its long-awaited fourth season. With graduation looming in the storyline, don’t expect the show to stick around too long.

“Guinness World Records Gone Wild” (truTV 6 p.m.) Ordinary people try to break world records live on TV. Dan Cortese of “MTV Sports,” “The Rock N’ Jock B-Ball Jam” and “Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant” fame hosts.

Friday 8

“The Job” (KRQE-13 7 p.m.) Five candidates compete for an assistant manager position with the Palm Restaurant Group. ... So now we’re just broadcasting job interviews and calling it reality TV?

“Alaska Fish Wars” (Nat Geo Wild 8 p.m.) Enough with the fishing shows already!

“Something Borrowed, Something New” (TLC 8 p.m.) Enough with the shopping for wedding dresses shows already!

“The Jenny McCarthy Show” (VH1 8:30 p.m.) Today’s topic: Vaccinations give your kids autism. Tomorrow’s topic: How Jim Carrey screwed me over. The next day: Back to that vaccine thing.

Saturday 9

“The Grammys Will Go On: A Death in the Family” (KRQE-13 8 p.m.) A look back at the 2012 Grammy Awards. Hey, at least Whitney Houston’s death gave them a theme to work with.

“Odd Folks Home” (Science 7:30 p.m.) Edgar Oliver, the weird customer who drops by “Oddities” every once in a while, hosts this new show about people’s freaky collections.

Sunday 10

“BAFTA Film Awards 2013” (BBC America 6 p.m.) Awards show season is in full swing, people. Get used to it.

“The 55th Annual Grammy Awards” (KRQE-13 7 p.m.) LL Cool J hosts. Justin Timberlake performs. Boom.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (Syfy 7 p.m.) “Battlestar Galactica” is rapidly becoming the show that wouldn’t die. Here, Syfy airs its surprisingly good web series about a young Bill Adama battling Cylons as a hotshot Viper jockey.

“Gypsy Sisters” (TLC 7 p.m.) Seriously, TV? Why not just let Gypsies and the Amish fight it out in an arena for the title of ethnic/religious stereotype du jour. Loser takes on Rednecks and Guidos for second place.

“The Walking Dead” (AMC 7 p.m.) All right, let’s get this Rick vs. The Mayor rumble started!

“Car Lot Rescue” (Spike TV 8 p.m.) Like “Bar Rescue” only with car lots. ... You asked.

Monday 11

“The BET Honors” (BET 7 p.m.) BET hands out awards to Halle Berry, Chaka Khan and other prominent African-Americans.

“Hall of Game Awards” (Cartoon Network 8 p.m.) Cartoon Network, for some reason, hands out awards to professional athletes. Makes less sense than the BET thing.

“Bang Goes the Theory” (BBC America 8:20 p.m.) “Mythbusters” meets science magazine in this “hands on” BBC series.

Tuesday 12

“The 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show” (USA 6 p.m.) Westminster has added two new breeds this year: The Russell Terrier and the Treeing Walker Coonhound. I haven’t been this excited since the Cesky Terrier and the American English Coonhound were recognized in 2012!

Wednesday 13

“Survivor” (KRQE-13 7 p.m.) This show has been on so long (26 seasons as of tonight), producers are having to make up locations. Caramoan? Totally fake.