Alibi V.26 No.40 • Oct 5-11, 2017 

Week in Sloth

Thursday 5

“Supermansion: Drag Me to Halloween” (Crackle streaming anytime) The stop-motion superheroes behind Crackle’s animated sitcom face their fears in this holiday special.

“Ghost Wars” (Syfy 8pm) When an earthquake unleashes dangerous paranormal forces, a “troubled medium” in rural Alaska must battle ghosts, demons and the prejudices of the disbelieving local townsfolk.

“Real Estate Wars” (Bravo 11pm) Eh, all things considered, I’ll take ghost wars.

Friday 6

“ID-0” (Netflix Streaming anytime) In Netflix’s newest original anime series, a young student training in a robotic suit (known as an “I-Machine”) is suddenly thrust into an outer space adventure involving pirates.

Saturday 7

Spielberg (HBO 6pm) This documentary reveals the influences, experiences, artistic evolution and storied career of pioneering blockbuster-maker Steven Spielberg.

Sunday 8

Bobbi Kristina (TVOne 5pm) The poor, doomed daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown gets her own, exploitative TV biopic.

“The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular” (Disney 9pm) Not sure the words “scariest story every” and “Mickey Mouse” go together, but what the heck.

“Xtreme Screams” (Travel 7pm) The thrill rides and amusement park attractions featured on this travel show are so extreme they don’t have time for the first “E.”

“Haunted USA” (Travel 8pm) In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s Halloween month, and everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon. ... The haunted bandwagon.

“The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special: Look Who’s Walking” (Cartoon Network 1am) The stop-motion spoofers behind “Robot Chicken” riff on AMC’s gory horror hit. With special guest voice Daniel Radcliffe.

Monday 9

Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library (Nickelodeon 5pm) A boy and his friends become trapped in a high-tech library whose doors lead to fantastical other worlds. But things get dangerous when various literary characters escape from their source material and run amok.

“Valor” (KQBQ-19 8pm) TV has a lot of gung-ho military dramas these days, but his one focuses on a female helicopter pilot (Christina Ochoa from “Animal Kingdom” and “Blood Drive”) who survives a dangerously failed mission in Somalia.

Tuesday 10

“2017 BET Hip Hop Awards” (BET 6pm) DJ Khaled hosts. Because he’s in everything this year.

Wednesday 11

“Queers” (BBC America 8am) In honor of National Coming Out Day, this series of 8 British short films examines historical moments and rites-of-passage of gay men over the last 100 years. Alan Cumming and Ben Whishaw are among the stars.

“Dynasty” (KWBQ -19 8pm) The CW resurrects the campy ’80s soap for today’s millennial audiences. This time around Krystle Carrington (played by Linda Evans) is Cristal Carrington (Nathalie Kelley), and she’s Hispanic. So, they’re already committed to diversity. It took three years before Diahann Carroll showed up on the original.