Alibi V.13 No.29 • July 15-21, 2004 

Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 15

“Kingdom Hospital” (KOAT-7 7 p.m.) In case any of you are still watching (and, based on the steadily declining ratings, not many of you are), here's the season finale for Stephen King's haunted hospital saga. It's actually the series finale as well, since it won't be returning next season. King implied in a recent Entertainment Weekly article that the show was too smart for TV viewers. That would not be my take.

Friday 16

“Stargate: Atlantis” (Sci-Fi 7 p.m.) A new “Stargate” crew accidentally hops one of the alien portals to the ancient city of Atlantis and find themselves trapped in a waterlogged spin-off series. Think “Seaquest: DSV,” but less sucky.

Saturday 17

They are Among Us (Sci-Fi 7 p.m.) Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie? Lemme guess: Evil space aliens invade Earth. The cast (including “Babylon 5” star Bruce Boxleitner and “Star Trek: DS9” star Nana Visitor) should satisfy the hardcore sci-fi fans, but somebody should tell the folks who make these things that there is more to science fiction than evil space aliens.

Sunday 18

“America's Deadliest Season: Alaskan Crab Fishing” (Discovery 6 p.m.) I actually knew that crab fishing off the coast of Alaska was one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. I didn't know it was interesting enough to rate a three-part series, though. Makes you wonder why Red Lobster doesn't rate more angry protests.

“The Days” (KOAT-7 9 p.m.) Each episode of this new comedy/drama follows 24 hours in the life of the Day family. (Get it: “The Days”?) We've got two ambitious parents and three precocious kids. The show is told through the eyes of cynical 15-year-old son Cooper. Hey, at least it's not a rerun.

Monday 19

“The Funniest Families of Television Comedy: A Museum of Television and Radio Special” (KOAT-7 9 p.m.) Rob Reiner, Tim Allen, Norman Lear and Florence Henderson are among the guests for this tribute to some of TV's most beloved families.

Tuesday 20

“Things I Hate About You” (Bravo 7 p.m.) Bravo's newest reality series allows couples to air their complaints about one another in a one-hour bitch-fest hosted by “The Daily Show” correspondent Mo Rocca. Videotaped evidence is presented to a panel of judges, and the person with the least annoying habits is deemed “the winner.”

Wednesday 21

“Rescue Me” (FX 11 p.m.) In my book, comedian/actor Dennis Leary doesn't get enough attention for the good work he does. He's been in tons of movies and TV shows nobody's ever heard of. Here's hoping that his newest TV outing, this occasionally humorous drama about a New York City firefighter haunted by the deaths of several colleagues on 9-11, gets him some deserved attention. Leary is founder of the Leary Firefighters Association and the subject is clearly near and dear to his heart. FX has had a lot of success with “The Shield.” Will firefighters do as well for the network?