Alibi V.14 No.37 • Sept 15-21, 2005 
Reel World

Reel World

Education in Acting—Frank Zuniga, former head of the New Mexico State Film Office, founder of the SouthWest Institute of Film and Television and longtime film director for Disney, is starting up a series of Red Thunder Film Academy Workshops at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. The first is a yearlong Film Acting Workshop starting Saturday, Sept. 17. This 12-week program will explore the spectrum of acting techniques and disciplines used in film acting. Character analysis, subtext, voice, body control, breathing techniques and sense memory will all be integral parts of the introductory program. A comprehensive approach is emphasized in this workshop and participants will walk away with an understanding of agents, lawyers, managers, auditions, networking and other important facets of the actor's life. The fee for the workshop is $200 a month and will be limited to 24 participants. Workshops will take place in the Roy E. Disney Center for the Performing Arts at the NHCC (1701 Fourth Street SW). For more information, contact Frank Zuniga at 898-5838.

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Film News

Same-Sex Cinema

Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2005

In only its third year of existence, the Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival has grown by leaps and bounds. You'd be hard-pressed to dismiss this year's epic offering as a tiny fringe festival that caters to a local minority. With its third annual outing, the festival has become the kind of all-inclusive arts gathering that bigger cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Miami are lauded for. The festival also goes a long way toward establishing Albuquerque's gay, lesbian and transgender community as a mainstream economic, social and artistic force. In other words: It's huge, it's cool and it's probably good for your property values.

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Video Review


Women's Prison Massacre (1983)

When I was but a young lad, I had the good fortune to see The Big Bird Cage at a friend's house. Written and directed by the legendary Jack Hill (Spider Baby) the film resulted in both my lifelong desire to nail Pam Grier, and my enduring affinity for women in prison films. And when it comes to the women in prison genre, few flicks get it done better than Women's Prison Massacre, directed by sleazemaster Bruno Mattei.

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Idiot Box

TV's Dramatic Return

New fall shows around the dial

TV is a numbers game, so let's look at some of this year's numbers. Of the 31 new shows hitting the networks this fall, 10 are sitcoms, only two are reality shows and a staggering 19 are hour-long dramas.

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Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 15

“Survivor: Guatemala” (KRQE-13 7 p.m.) I haven't seen this season's cast list yet, but I bet we've got the grumpy old guy, the weird middle-aged lady, the gay dude and a whole bunch of Abercrombie & Fitch rejects showing off their abs. ... Ah, TV.

“The Showbiz Show with David Spade” (Comedy Central 8 p.m.) This promises to be the satirical “Entertainment Tonight” to “The Daily Show”'s satirical “NBC Nightly News.”

Friday 16

“Twins” (KWBQ-19 7:30 p.m.) Wacky opposite twin sisters (one brainy, one hot) are nothing new. “The Patty Duke Show” had largely the same shtick. ... Although, of course, Patty and Cathy were supposed to be cousins. What was that deal about “identical cousins,” anyway? That's not biologically possible. Unless, of course, Uncle Martin was fooling around on the side. ... But I digress. In “Twins,” our mismatched sisters (Sara Gilbert, Molly Stanton) are called upon to operate their parent's lingerie business. ... Ah, TV.

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like No Money?

Sing-a-Long Sound of Music

The NM Gay Men's Chorus presents a screening of the classic Julie Andrews film musical, complete with subtitles so the whole audience can sing along.