Alibi V.15 No.8 • Feb 23-March 1, 2006 
Reel World

Reel World

The Infoshop Around the Corner—Basement Films will be hosting an independent documentary tour this coming weekend. Living Room: Space and Place in Infoshop Culture by Liz Simmons and Courtney Kallas will screen on Friday, Feb. 24, at OffCenter Arts (Eighth Street and Central) beginning at 7 p.m. Simmons and Kallas, who will be on hand for the screening, spent the last two years completing this project. The film discusses, among other things, the fact that we live in a society where public places that people feel like they are an active part of and can use for noneconomic purposes are increasingly rare. “Infoshops” are community spaces that facilitate access to traditionally marginalized information while providing a physical space for people to build creative projects. Simmons and Kallas are kicking off their three-month, 50-city tour right here in Albuquerque, so please show up to lend a little support. For more info, log on to or

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Film Review

New York Doll

Rockin' documentary proves you can have “Too Much, Too Soon”

Had The Sex Pistols not melted down in such spectacular fashion (thanks in no small part to the Herculean, drug-fueled efforts of Sid Vicious), The New York Dolls would certainly have gone down in history as the ultimate punk rock band. Their frenetic, junky, DIY sound defined punk rock as a genre for decades to come. Their post-David Bowie style of trash androgyny didn't achieve full pop-cultural significance until Twisted Sister, Motley Crüe and the like ripped them off a good 10 years down the line. To top it all off, they sacrificed band members to the God of Opium long before Kurt Cobain, Shannon Hoon, Bradley Nowell and other dead rock stars made it the truly hip thing to do.

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Film Interview

Write On

New Mexico Screenwriters Present Dan Decker

This weekend, the New Mexico Screenwriters Speaker Series will be bringing noted screenwriting teacher Dan Decker to town. Decker is the author of Anatomy of a Screenplay and founder of the Center for Script Development in Chicago.

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Film Review


Imported cartoon provides nostalgia for no one

Chances are, if you spent your childhood in mid-'60s Paris, your favorite TV show was the stop-motion animation series “Le Manège Enchanté.” If you spent your childhood in late-'60s, early-'70s London, chances are even greater that your favorite TV show was the English language version of the same show, “The Magic Roundabout.” If, however, your childhood fulfilled none of those requirements, odds are pretty good you've never even heard of the show and don't actually have any idea what a “roundabout” is. (It's a merry-go-round.)

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Idiot Box

Pilot Season Crap Shoot

Networks shoot for fall

While us couch potatoes muddle through the doldrums of midseason, the Network Powers That Be are formulating plans for ratings domination come fall. That's right, it's pilot season in Hollywood. While we watch Olympics highlights and wait for the series finale of “Will & Grace” (oh, boy), Hollywood is busy cobbling together the shows we may (or may not) be watching next season.

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Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 23

H.G Wells' War of the Worlds (Sci-Fi Channel 7 p.m.) In case you didn't notice, three versions of War of the Worlds came out in 2005. Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds was the only to get into theaters. In addition to an incredibly chintzy and really long British version (The War of the Worlds), there was this frugal (under $1 million) version starring former direct-to-video king C. Thomas Howell.

“Exposing the Order of the Serpentine” (Spike 7:30 p.m.) I'm sure you've noticed the ads for this thing by now. It's a mockumentary in which an investigative reporter uncovers a secret brotherhood dedicated to helping men overcome the shame caused by bad hookups. It's produced by Axe Body Spray. In other words: It's a commerical.

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See You, Space Cowboy

N.M. Entertainment Movie Night Presents Cowboy Bebop

A special screening of the anime classic, in honor of comic-con season.