Alibi V.16 No.16 • April 19-25, 2007 
“Voces de la Guerrero” screens Sunday at 1 p.m. as part of the “Identity” block
Reel World

Reel World

Briefer is Better—The annual 3-Minute Film Fest returns to The Screen at College of Santa Fe this weekend, April 20-22, to dazzle those of you with short attention spans. According to organizers, this year’s edition saw a record number of entries from ports as far away as Hungary, Canada, Mexico and Australia (not to mention plenty from the good old U.S. of A.). A total of 36 films, all under three minutes in length, were selected for screening in this year’s festival. The Opening Night Awards Gala will take place on Friday, April 20, at 8 p.m. and will include a screening of the program followed by a reception for the filmmakers during which a jury will determine festival winners. Tickets for the Opening Night Gala are $20. A wine and hors d’oeuvre reception will follow the screening. Tickets for the regular screenings, April 21-22, are $8. All events will be held at The Screen at the College of Santa Fe (1600 St. Michael’s Dr.). If you need additional info, you can give ‘em a ring at (505) 473-6494 or log on to

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“Voces de la Guerrero” screens Sunday at 1 p.m. as part of the “Identity” block

Film Festival Preview

Films Without Borders

Sin Fronteras Film Festival 2007

Given New Mexico’s cultural history and its rather close proximity to Mexico, you’d think Spanish-language cinema would be rampant in this state. Aside from the odd Pedro Almodóvar screening and the occasional Spanish film series at the Hispanic Cultural Center, however, non-English cinema is still a relative rarity. For five years now, the annual Sin Fronteras Film Festival has tried to fill that gap.

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Sean, age 4

Film Review

Following Sean

Then-and-now documentary explores the repercussions of growing up hippie and otherwise

Have you ever wondered what happened to those innocent urchins running barefoot through San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in the ’60s? Though it gives us a concrete then-and-now example, Following Sean is neither a scathing indictment of the ’60s nor a romantic look back. Anything but simplistic, the film is a 30-year exploration and the culmination of a life’s work by documentarian Ralph Arlyck, Following Sean’s director, cameraman, narrator and secondary subject.

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Idiot Box

Pulling a Fast One

“Drive” on FOX

Apparently, Cannonball Run casts a longer shadow than film history would have us believe. This month alone, audiences were greeted with Redline, a cross-country car chase movie featuring the personal exotic car collection of producer Daniel Sadek, and “Drive,” a hype-heavy midseason action drama with an ensemble cast and a whole lot of vehicles.

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Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 19

Coffin Joe Trilogy (IFC 7 p.m.) Nutty ’60s Brazilian filmmaker José Mojica Marins wrote, directed, produced and starred in a whole mess of insane horror films. His most famous were the Zé do Caixāo (Coffin Joe) films, a bizarre mix of old-fashioned spookhouse melodrama and sincere blasphemous depravity. Tonight, IFC opens up the vault and unleashes a triple shot featuring At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul (1964), This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse (1967) and Awakening of the Beast (1970). These will change your life. Seriously.

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It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore!

Dosed: Screening and Psilocybin Mushrooms and Iboga Panel Discussion

Learn how underground healers are using entheogens to treat depression, anxiety and opioid addiction with psilocybin and iboga and view the award-winning documentary.