Alibi V.16 No.51 • Dec 20-26, 2007 
Hey, it works for Will Ferrell.
Reel World

Reel World

Who Wants an Award?

The year is approaching its end, and that means only one thing--it’s time to hand out a lot of awards! With Dec. 31 looming, a multitude of organizations are scrambling to enumerate the nominees in their best films of 2007 lists.

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Hey, it works for Will Ferrell.

Film Review

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Musical biopic remembers the lyrics, forgets the laughs

Given the number of high-profile musical biopics in recent years (Ray, Walk the Line), it’s inevitable that someone would get around to making a spoof of the genre. Unfortunately, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story isn’t a spoof so much as a scene-for-scene recreation. With jokes. And occasional laughs.

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“Can I get an Amen and a decrease in the Federal Reserve Board’s Prime Rate?”

Film Review

What Would Jesus Buy?

He wouldn't buy this crappy documentary, that's for sure

Considering outward appearances, it may seem like the period between late November and late December is a lovely time of year, filled with family gatherings, endearingly tacky decorations, yule logs, latkes, turtle doves, dradles and an alarming, yet welcome abundance of gifts. But to the prickly, Scrooge McDucks of the world--and moreover, anyone opposed to holiday commercialism--the holiday season is a dystopian nightmare that doesn’t end until you wake up hungover on New Year’s Day. When we see the chilly parking lots surrounding malls filled with shoppers going into debt to buy wares made in Third World countries, the spirit of Christmas seems dead. Only it’s not just dead--its bloated corpse has been roasting in the sun in a remote desert for a few weeks with vultures pecking at it.

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Idiot Box

The Gift of TV

Christmas around the dial

Face it: You’re probably not going to get what you want for Christmas this year. You’re just going to end up with a bunch more useless stuff that will be used to crowd your already overstuffed shelves until your next yard sale.

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Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 20

“Clash of the Choirs” (KOB-4 7 p.m.) So, which hometown choir will be America’s Next Great Church Choir? Find out on tonight’s nail-biting series finale.

Friday 21

“9th Annual A Home for the Holidays” (KRQE-13 7 p.m.) Inspirational stories of adoption are interspersed with performances by Sheryl Crow, James Blunt, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Carole King and country superstar Reba McEntire. Comedian George Lopez will be on stage too, as will actor David Krumholtz (“Numb3rs”) and many more. In fact, there are so many selfless celebrities here, producers might not even have time for all those teary-eyed orphans. ... Sorry, kid, Krumholtz ran long. You’ve been bumped.

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Image by Clarke Condé


Out There

Alien Hour with Dr. Howard Live Taping

The acclaimed ufologist, veterinarian and host discusses the year of UFO disclosure and covers recent sightings with special guests, surprises and live music from Ribcage.