Alibi V.17 No.2 • Jan 10-16, 2008 
ā€œIā€™m getting the overwhelming psychic impression that someone ...   slept   in this bedroom.ā€
Reel World

Reel World

Skate Cinema

This Thursday, Jan. 10, the Guild Cinema will open its doors to the San Francisco-based UnderSkatement Film Festival. This annual touring film fest is entering its fourth year on the road, bringing edgy skateboard shorts to audiences across America and Canada. Among this year’s lineup of films/videos are Mike Maniglia’s “Gusto: Grindline,” Rory Sheridan’s “Behind the Griptape,” Mike Wilson’s “Skate Song” and Dan Wolfe’s “Lost in the Fog.” Hellz yeah! The show runs approximately an hour and 45 minutes and gets grinding at 8:30 p.m.

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“I’m getting the overwhelming psychic impression that someone ...   slept   in this bedroom.”

Film Review

The Orphanage

Atmospheric Spanish chiller will have audiences jumping at shadows

America no longer knows how to make horror movies--which explains why virtually every horror film Hollywood has extruded in the last five years has been a remake. A large percentage of those remakes haven’t even been remakes of American movies. Take, for example, the recent release One Missed Call. It’s an English-language retooling of a 2003 Japanese flick (just like The Ring, The Grudge and Dark Water before it). What’s more, Warner Brothers didn’t even bother hiring an American to shoot it; the company went out and plucked an obscure French director named Eric Valette (Maléfique) to helm it. Seen ads for The Eye, the upcoming supernatural thriller starring Jessica Alba? It was originally a Thai film. Now we have an American version directed by--guess who?--a couple of French guys. All of which begs the question: If you like horror, why are you bothering to watch American films in the first place?

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“Cor, this would make a great album cover.”

Film Review


Moody musical biopic makes for a good mope

Dark, gloomy, slow and depressing: You’ve got to give credit to Control for one thing: The film fits its subject matter like a custom-tailored T-shirt.

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Idiot Box

Struck Out

“The 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards” on CBS

“Here we are live on the red carpet at the 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Arriving on the red carpet right now is ... well, nobody. But if you squint real hard, I think you can see George Clooney standing behind the picket lines across the street. ... Back to you, Mary Hart!”

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Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 10

“My Name is Earl” (KOB-4 7 p.m.) “Earl” and “30 Rock” hit their season finales a tad prematurely thanks to the writers’ strike. On the plus side, we get summer reruns a whole three months early!

“Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” (VH1 8 p.m.) Now here’s a celebreality show that actually makes sense. Unfortunately, they couldn’t land any of the A-list addicts like Lindsay, Britney or Amy Winehouse.

Friday 11

“My Big Redneck Wedding” (CMT 10:30 p.m.) Shucks, bubba, I’ll bring the shotgun.

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