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 Alibi V.17 No.38 • Sept 18-24, 2008 
The Big Question   (Thursday 7 p.m., Sunday 9 a.m.)
Reel World

Reel World

Reel Big

Do you love movies? Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this section of the paper. A better question might be: How much do you love movies? If you’re a dedicated cinematic fanatic with a serious need to show off your love of all things theatrical, you might want to consider stopping by Louie’s Rock-N-Reels. For years, Louie’s has been the place to pick up movie posters, banners, lobby cards, collectable press kits and more from movies both classic and modern, foreign and domestic. The problem has always been fighting your way through Louie’s massive collection, most of which never even made it onto the crowded floor of the store at 105 Harvard SE. Just last week, however, owner Louie Torres took over the space next door, formerly occupied by We Buy Music. This has effectively doubled the size of Louie’s Rock-N-Reels. Now you can leisurely stroll the aisles, digging your way though movie history in search of a prized piece of memorabilia. Stop by now for the grand reopening and tell ’em the Alibi sent ya.

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The Big Question   (Thursday 7 p.m., Sunday 9 a.m.)

Festival Preview

New Age Cinema

The first annual Santa Fe Metaphysical Film Festival

The fact that Santa Fe is launching its first-ever Metaphysical Film Festival probably comes as little surprise. “What with Santa Fe Being the vortex of everything metaphysical, this seems like the perfect place for it,” offers Lexie Shabel, assistant director of the event. The bigger surprise may simply be that it took this long for someone to come up with the idea. “There is no other metaphysical film festival in existence,” says Shabel. “There are spiritual film festivals and the like.” Asked to spell out the difference, Shabel--a filmmaker herself and founder of Tesuque’s Gringa Productions--gets philosophical: “I guess this is more esoteric and encompasses that much more because of it.”

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“Dude! Despite complaints of the viability of User Account Control security technology and restrictive hardware requirements for its Aero interface, Windows Vista   does   have more intuitive end-user features.”

Film Review

Burn After Reading

Coens assault our intelligence (in a good way)

Anyone who thinks the Coen brothers consciously alternate their more serious films with wackier, palate-cleansing comedies hasn’t been paying much attention. Sure, their new film Burn After Reading is a slapstick romp compared to the angsty bloodletting of their Oscar-winning No Country for Old Men. But even the bros’ most slate-faced thrillers (Miller’s Crossing, Barton Fink) are filled with sneaky black humor. By the same token, their most screwball comedies (The Big Lebowski, The Hudsucker Proxy) are lined with grim moments that in other hands would be the stuff of horror films. Steve Buscemi being fed into a wood chipper in Fargo: Is that the Coens being funny or grisly? The answer is simple: Both, baby.

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Idiot Box

Get Me Netflix, Stat!

Five shows to watch before the new season begins

Reruns are for sissies. These days, we rent boxed sets of TV shows and gobble an entire season in a single weekend marathon. With the new fall TV schedule getting underway, now’s the perfect time to play catch-up, renting “Complete First Season” DVDs for shows you might have missed on the first go-around. Here are our top choices to get you prepped for premiere week.

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Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 18

“Smallville” (KWBQ-19 7 p.m.) The show starts its eighth season and our hero still can’t be bothered to put on a costume? What’s with that? Come to think of it, the show doesn’t really take place in Smallville anymore, either.

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (FX 11 p.m.) Described as a raunchy version of “Seinfeld,” FX’s cult sitcom returns with bar-owning buddies Mac and Dennis working as ... manhunters?

Friday 19

“Freaky” (G4 8 p.m.) This “mystifying” English import finales its season tonight. The show features some edgy, punky lads performing the kind of cheap magic shop tricks that were only vaguely entertaining in elementary school. There are even end-credit outtakes showing how many times they screw up the simple card tricks, chintzy levitation gags and abysmally dumb jokes. Is this supposed to be a put-on or are these morons serious? ... Entertaining if you thought “Jackass” needed more disappearing handkerchief tricks.

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