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 Alibi V.18 No.51 • Dec 17-23, 2009 

Reel World

Quiz Time

Can you match the celebrity stinker to the celebrity fragrance he or she endorses?


1) 50 Cent

2) Beyoncé

3) Jessica Simpson

4) Michael Jackson

5) Prince

6) Antonio Banderas

7) Elizabeth Taylor

8) Derek Jeter

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We know the feeling, George.

Film Review

Up in the Air

Mature look at the world of corporate downsizing mixes romance, humor and a timely personal touch

When Up in the Air marches confidently into February’s Oscar race (and it will), it will be on the strength of its sharp writing and expertly grounded performances. If Up in the Air succeeds at the box office (and it might), it will be due largely to the film’s timely theme.

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Now   we’re cookin’ with gas!

Film Review

Red Cliff

Epic war story is a visual stunner

First: a little background. Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the Chinese national epic, an 800,000-word historical saga that has been well-entrenched in the Asian mindset since its creation in the 14th century. To a literate Chinese person, a section like the Battle of the Red Cliffs is as familiar a cultural touchstone as the Death Star Trench Run would be to us semiliterate Westerners.

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Idiot Box

Auto Erotica

Love the Beast on SPEED

For me, the SPEED Channel has always been chaff. A specialty station that sits unused somewhere in the middle of my satellite dish menu. I’m not what you’d call a gearhead and was extremely happy the day my paychecks got big enough that I could pay someone else to change the spark plugs in my car. I realize, however, that there are plenty of people for whom motor vehicles are a downright obsession.

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“Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars”

Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 17

“SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas” (NBC 7 p.m.) This either involves country music star Mickey Gilley or some kind of fish. ... Huh. No, it’s a collection of “Saturday Night Live” skits hosted by Kristen Wiig as a character named Gilly. If you bother to watch “SNL” these days, I guess it makes sense.

Friday 18

“Oxygen’s 25iest: Hollywood’s Most Outrageous Holiday Gifts” (Oxygen Midnight) Yeah, while we get a recession, celebrities exchange Bentleys and Harry Winston jewelry. Prepare to be jealous.

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