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 Alibi V.19 No.11 • March 18-24, 2010 

Reel World

Latino Writers, Get Writing!

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers is now accepting applications for its spring 2010 Latino Writers Lab. The conference/workshop will take place May 19 through 23 in Santa Fe. It’s designed for people who want to work as professional screenwriters and develop strong screenplay material for production or sale. It includes skills development by professional instructors, direct mentoring of your work-in-progress and workshop lunches on various legal, guild and industry matters. Scripts can be in English or Spanish, but fluency in English is a requirement. From this five-day local session, 12 to 15 experienced writers will be selected to participate in a 10-day intensive lab this coming September in Santa Monica, Calif. The deadline to postmark your application is Wednesday, March 24, so you need to get on the ball. To download an application or dig up more details, log on to

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Film Review

The Burning Fuse Film Festival

A six-pack of docs offers a refreshing dose of reality

Increasingly, we find ourselves living in a time when the rising tide of “reality television” has us questioning what is actually real. Is Snooki, the self-described “guidette” queen from “The Jersey Shore,” real? Well, for starters, she’s not Italian. She’s Chilean. So, I think we’re fairly safe saying no. Does Maria Kanellis, one of this stars of this season’s “The Celebrity Apprentice,” actually count as a celebrity? Do the Kardashian sisters fake relationships with sports stars to drive up ratings on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”? Is “The Hills” entirely scripted? Are Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag actually human?

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Idiot Box

Boys Will Be Lads

“The Inbetweeners” on BBC America

It’s easy to be struck by the cultural differences between America and England. Ever since that whole Revolutionary War thing, we’ve been pointing out their funny accents, their goofy use of the word “zed” instead of “z,” their deplorable habit of eating blood sausage. Occasionally, though, it’s enlightening to note our similarities. For example: Nerds, it would seem, are nerds the world over.

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On the mean streets of Albuquerque in the third season of “Breaking Bad.”

Week in Sloth

The Week in Sloth

Thursday 18

“FlashForward” (KOAT-7 7 p.m.) The spring season premiere of ABC’s sci-fi drama begins with the possibility of another flash forward for the planet.

Afghan Star (HBO 7 p.m.) Afghani performers risk their lives to appear on a homegrown version of “American Idol” in this song-filled documentary. It’s like “Glee,” but with the added possibility of being stoned to death by Taliban members.

Friday 19

“Thin Ice” (KOAT-7 7 p.m.) Damn it! I thought we were done with figure skating.

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