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 Alibi V.24 No.46 • Nov 12-18, 2015 
“Well, it still beats working at Chipotle.”

Film Review

The 33

Real-life drama about trapped miners can’t dig itself out of “inspirational biopic” trap

Real-life mine collapse drama The 33 digs itself an inspirational hole.
Reel World

Reel World

KiMo celebrates Veteran’s Day, Pornotopia offers sex ed on screen, PBS pops up Autism in Love.
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Idiot Box

Hit Single

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” on the CW

Rachel Bloom’s “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” sings a different tune over on The CW.
Spotless trailer

Week in Sloth

Netflix hangs out “W/ Bob and Dave,” “Adventure Time” examines Marceline and AMC goes “Into the Badlands.”