Alibi V.26 No.21 • May 25-31, 2017 
The Lovers

Film Review

The Lovers

Married couple cheat on the cheaters they’re cheating with in admirably drab domestic dramedy

Yo Dawg, I heard you like cheating, so I put cheating in your cheating so you can cheat on your cheater.
All the King’s Men

Reel World

All the King’s Men and the Feline Film Festival hit KiMo and “Writing and Imagining the Short Film” class happens at Arts Lab UNM.

Idiot Box

Fall Break (Part 1)

The 2017/18 upfront season

What can we look forward to watching (or not) in what the networks call "upfront season?"
War Machine trailer

Week in Sloth

Devin reveals his battery-licking fetish while Netflix snaps up Brad Pitt's film and Lifetime offers you yet another fear.