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 Alibi V.26 No.33 • Aug 17-23, 2017 
Shot Caller

Film Review

Shot Caller

Prison drama succeeds in making life behind bars look bad—which isn’t much of a challenge, really

Despite some committed acting and some gloomy cinematography, Shot Caller is far too melodramatic and drags its twisty story out far too long to have the solid, gut-punch impact it so desperately wants.
Smoke Signals

Reel World

See Singin’ in the Rain at Civic Plaza, Smoke Signals and "The Best of 2017 48 Hour Film Project.” Crewmembers are wanted for Judgment.

Idiot Box

Regularly Scheduled

Networks lock new fall lineups

The broadcast networks announced their fall schedules. Here's what we’ll be watching (or not) come September/October and what new shows have been sidelined until midseasons (January/February).
Naked SNCTM trailer

Week in Sloth

There's an “unscripted docuseries" about a Beverly Hills erotic club, legendary warriors of light chosen by the Trump Kingdom to protect the world from evil desires and a “Countdown to Darkness.”