Alibi V.26 No.40 • Oct 5-11, 2017 
Thirst Street

Film Review

Thirst Street

Erotic thriller or winking parody: sexy indie straddles the line

The softcore European erotica of the ’70s had a dark, cautionary edge to it, and Thirst Street carries this inspiration forward into its natural, horror movie extreme.

Reel World

Attend a Phantasm event in Santa Fe, see Texan-Italian cult comedy Tiramisu For Two or go to a Q&A about Hollywood screenwriting.

Idiot Box

Cape Fear

“Marvel’s Inhumans” on ABC/“The Gifted” on FOX

The X-Men’s ongoing trope of “teenage mutants as metaphor for outcast outsiders of all stripes” is wearing a bit thin after more than 50 years, but “The Gifted” works thanks to a solid cast, a gritty look and some propulsive action. Here’s hoping “Inhumans” steps it up.
Spielberg trailer

Week in Sloth

Highlights from around the dial. Except no one has dials anymore.