Alibi V.27 No.38 • Sept 20-26, 2018 
We the Animals

Film Review

We The Animals

Coming-of-age drama paints impressionistic portrait of preteen life

We the Animals speaks to both the resiliency and the impressionability of youth, with raw performances from the actors and symbol-laden cinematography that weaves a primal world of earth, water, leaves and rain.
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Reel World

See She Sings to the Stars, Labyrinth or Salvador; learn "Entertainment Law Basics."

Idiot Box

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Disney digital dawns

It’s looking increasingly like 2019 will be known as The Great Fracturing in the entertainment industry as Hollywood megacorps ask: Why distribute their TV shows and movies on Netflix or Hulu along with everybody else when they can start their own proprietary streaming service and charge you $9.99 a month for it?
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Week in Sloth

Highlights from around the dial. Except no one has dials anymore.