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 Alibi V.28 No.12 • March 21-27, 2019 
Gloria, contemplating her love for ABBA

Film Review

Gloria Bell

Disco-fueled drama looks for love in several wrong places

Gloria Bell is about seeking out and accepting joy in life’s tiny moments, not wallowing in misery. Its empowering coda is mild and delivered as a spur-of-the-moment whim in an act that leads less to a life-changing epiphany and more to a moment of Zen-like acceptance.
Reel World

Reel World

See A League of Their Own on the big screen; film and TV sets need medics (not just people who play them) and it's time for local residents to submit films for the New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase; learn how to join the union for professional film technicians working “below the line” on TV and movie productions.
Love, Death + Robots trailer

Idiot Box

“Love, Death + Robots”

No Kids “Zone”

“Love, Death + Robots is “adult” in the sense that it’s super violent, loaded with cuss words and shows lots and lots of boobies. If you’re looking for an antecedent, it’s like Heavy Metal, but with less of the arty European fantasy stuff and more old-fashioned American exploitation.
Critters: A New Binge trailer

Week in Sloth

Highlights from around the dial. Except no one has dials anymore.