Alibi V.28 No.19 • May 9-15, 2019 
“If it were up to me, I’d cast Elijah Wood as Frodo.”

Film Review


Literary biopic fast-forwards through author’s youth

Brit lit biopic Tolkien is aimed most squarely at the well-mannered BBC set. Those hoping for geeky insider info into the creation of Tolkien’s most enduring literary legacy, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, are advised to quest elsewhere. Those looking for some polite costume drama and a quick run-through of turn-of-the-century British history will find satisfactory fulfillment.
Guild Cinema,guild  as envisioned by artist Leo Neufeld

Film News

Digital Movies

Historic Guild Cinema goes high-tech (hopefully)

Guild Cinema is fundraising to buy proprietary servers to play encrypted and time-locked movies.
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Reel World

You should go to UNM Film & Digital Media Department Capstone Premiere, freshmen with a passion for storytelling should checked out the the GRRM "Newcomer" Scholarship and it's no mistake to watch Big Mistake.

Idiot Box

Streaming gets specialized

Amidst the balkanization of streaming services, an indie & art house film specialist appears.
The Employables trailer

Week in Sloth

Highlights from around the dial. Except no one has dials anymore.