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 Alibi V.28 No.48 • Nov 28-Dec 4, 2019 
Knives Out

Film Review

Knives Out

Old-fashioned murder mystery plays by the rules

If you like your mysteries done up old school, Knives Out is the genre-loving homage you’ve been searching for.

Reel World

This week is your chance to go to Video Store’s fictional going out of business sale, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, a sneak preview of In Their Own Words: Billy the Kid & the Lincoln Country War and Jurassic Park at the DynaTheater.
His Dark Materials

Idiot Box

Daemon Seed

“His Dark Materials” on HBO

All in all “His Dark Materials” is a seriously produced, professionally acted version of its source material.
Levius trailer

Week in Sloth

Highlights from around the dial. Except no one has dials anymore.