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The Traitor

Longtime Italian filmmaker Marco Bellocchio (Sweet Dreams, The Wedding Director, Devil In the Flesh, The Seagull, Fists in the Pocket) tackles some true life crime drama in the story of Tommaso Buscetta, the so-called "Boss of Two Worlds," who--notoriously--became the first Mafia informant in Sicily in the 1980s. Bellocchio's cooly observed history lesson splits its time between decades-spanning biopic and courtroom procedural. 150 minutes R. (Opens Friday 3/13)
High Ridge


This semi-brainy thriller tries to inject a bit of real world politics into the slam-bang world of The Bourne Identity. Don Cheadle is a conflicted Muslim-American arms dealer stuck in the middle of a massive terrorist plot. Is he on our side, or the side of the extremists? Credit where credit is due, the film creates a realistic, even-handed look inside modern-day terrorism. In the end, though, the crisis of conscience drama and the action thriller fight it out in an uneven battle for supremacy. The thriller loses out, but not before injecting a rather conventional storyline to what could have been a much more psychologically motivated character piece. 114 minutes PG-13.