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Trilogy: On the Run

Belgian director Lucas Belvaux has launched an incredibly impressive experiment with his three-in-one or one-in-three (depending on how you look at it) trilogy. This is actually the first of three films (screening on successive weeks), all of which share certain characters, settings and scenes. (Think of it as Pulp Fiction split into three different movies.) This first one is a thriller about a political revolutionary (Belvaux himself) who escapes from prison with some scores to settle. Subsequent films not only change main characters, but tone as well. The second (An Amazing Couple) is a comedy. The third (After Life) is a domestic drama. This first outing is moody and a bit long, but the whole genre-busting, three-film affair is engrossing cinema for those with strong memories. In French with Englsih subtitles. 117 minutes