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French action stylist Luc Besson ( The Professional, The Fifth Element ) wrote and produced this martial arts-laced Euroflick. Jet Li plays a savage, seemingly mute bodyguard kept on a leash like a human animal by nasty loan shark Bob Hoskins. The first half-hour is blisteringly good and filled with bone-crunching fisticuffs. One day, however, our protagonist escapes and is adopted by a kindly, blind piano tuner (Morgan Freeman) and his cute stepdaughter. After a lot of drama about "healing," our protagonist is dragged back into the criminal underworld and forced to fight in a bunch of stereotypical "to the death" cage matches. Frankly, this could have used more action and far less of Besson's comic book sensibilities, which reduce the characters to cartoonish caricatures straight out of the WWE. 103 minutes