Alibi V.15 No.33 • Aug 17-23, 2006 

The Dish

All the News That's Fit to Eat

Krispy Kreme Leaves a Donut-Hole in Its Wake—Just five years after opening its doors in Albuquerque, the last of the city's two coveted Krispy Kreme shops failed to open Thursday morning. And every morning since. Susan Stiger wrote a rather poetic front-page eulogy in the Albuquerque Journal Saturday, stating that the company that owns the Albuquerque stores—as well as eight others in Arizona—has made a claim for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In other words, the franchisers are out of business, not the Krispy Kreme corporation itself. It's still possible for another shop or two to take their place. But with slipping sales, stadium-sized pools of excess American blubber and more explicit health issuances from the government, the question is whether anyone will be willing to try again. Is there room for donuts in the 21st-century? Or are we in the midst of another health craze like we saw in the ’20s, when heritage recipes began to disappear and processed, faux-health food took their place? (In Candyfreak, Steve Almond mentions two chocolate-covered candy bars of the day made with dehydrated vegetable matter. One was called Vegetable Sandwich.) Your mouth is a minefield. Choose carefully what goes in it.

Every Time You Eat Ribs an Angel Gets Its Wings—Well, not really. But you can do some good behind a plate of barbecue this Sunday, Aug. 20, at the Quarters on Wyoming (4516 Wyoming NE, 299-9864). Dine out at the Nellos family's restaurant from 1-8 p.m., and the proceeds from your lunch or dinner will benefit the Nicholas C. Nellos Memorial Fund, which honors the memory of their son, Nick, with an educational fund for at-risk children and youth. Parties of six or more people are encouraged to make reservations, but otherwise just come on over and be prepared for a short wait. If you're unable to attend (or if you're vegan, for that matter), log on to to see how else you can help, or send a contribution to: Nicholas C. Nellos Memorial Fund, C/O Albuquerque Community Fundation, P.O. Box 36960, Albuquerque, N.M., 87176.

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