Alibi V.19 No.48 • Dec 2-8, 2010 

Mina's Dish

Sharing the Good Stuff

Be Sweet to Your Friends

Roadrunner supplies the barrels and picks up the donations. What could be easier?
Roadrunner supplies the barrels and picks up the donations. What could be easier?
Mina Yamashita

We’re in the holiday homestretch—marking time with lunches, dinners, incoming guests, shopping and all the rest that fills December. It’s when you learn to say “no” or commit yourself to a month of event-hopping.

There’s one gathering in particular that I look forward to every year—my friend Kay’s cookie exchange. I’ve known Kay for nearly a decade and we share a number of friends. I’ve been going for the past seven years for an afternoon of visiting and sipping hot mulled cider.

Attendance requires that you bake homemade goodies and bring along containers so others can take away the booty. The best part of this gathering is that it consolidates a lot of visits into one, and it provides treats that can be used as gifts or contributions to the next party you attend. There are usually about a dozen guests and each guest brings three-dozen cookies. During the afternoon, people take three cookies from every tray, going home with a festive assortment.

We’ve also thought about expanding the exchange to other homemade items like spiced nuts, preserves, candies, or herb-and-spice sachets for cooking and mulling—special treats to fill a gift box. I have to admit, not all of the goodies escape snacking at home. But who’s counting?

Food Banks and Shelters

While we’re on the subject of holiday cheer, consider donating to one of the Duke City’s food banks or shelters. The economy has hit those in need especially hard, and even small donations add up.

It’s no small accomplishment to keep folks warm and fed, and it’s not hard to help. Many shops and grocers provide inexpensive food to charities for a donation at the register.

These organizations will be happy to accept your items. You can follow the links or call to find information on the group or location nearest you. Somewhere between shopping and your next holiday gathering, consider giving a little to a friend you’ll never meet.

Roadrunner Food Bank, 247-2052

The Storehouse, 842-6491

Joy Junction, 877-6967

Barrett House, 246-9244

Albuquerque homeless shelters

In-Demand Food Donations

Boxed meals (especially macaroni and cheese)
Canned fruits and vegetables
Canned soups and entrées
Canned meats
Cereal bars
Uncooked rice
Uncooked pasta
Baby food

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