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 Nov 27 - Dec 3, 2014 

The Mouthful

Thankfulness Edition


I love Thanksgiving because even though it’s a holiday with some unsavory or, shall we say, “problematic” overtones—the Puritans were kind of assholes, let’s face it— more than anything else, it’s a time to celebrate the universal values of love, family and gratitude. Plus you don’t have to buy anyone presents. Instead, you eat some excellent food and take a moment to appreciate the good things in your life.

In that spirit, I offer up this list of the restaurants and food I am thankful for this holiday season.

I am thankful to the New Mexico Pie Company for saving my Thanksgiving bacon with a delicious gluten free pumpkin pie. And I think I’ll be thankful again, maybe even several times before the holidays are over or my pants no longer fit. Or both, probably.

- to High Noon Saloon, because even though the tradicional margarita is no longer on the menu, the bartender is still happy to mix one up for you if you ask.

In that spirit, I offer up this list of the restaurants and food I am thankful for this holiday season.

- for the super-abundance of excellent microbreweries that have blossomed in this town.

- to Gluten Free Gourmet Foods for making my spouse’s gluten intolerance easier for both of us.

- to Buffett’s Candies for helping me keep the chocolate flowing from November to January. Also, for having a giant candy cane on the side of their building that makes my daughter shriek with joy every time she sees it.

- to O’Niell’s Pub for being both kid and adult friendly and slinging the best Shirley Temples in town.

- to Cecilia’s Cafe for serving up the hottest damn red chile I’ve ever had.

- to the ancient New Mexico Magazine recipe booklet that has guided me through many a holiday bounty of enchiladas, posole and flan.

- to Winning Coffee Co. for its ever-lively and fascinating people-watching environment.

- to Duggan’s Coffee Shop for being a quiet and friendly alternative when Winning becomes too much to bear.

- to the Rail Yards Market for bringing back a spark of life to one of Albuquerque’s worst areas of urban blight.

- to the Albuquerque Press Club for weathering more than its fair share of storms over the last 40 years and still offering Albuquerque’s best porch for imbibing.

- to India Kitchen for being Albuquerque’s oldest and best Indian restaurant.

- to Tia B’s La Wafflería for replacing IHOP as my son’s favorite restaurant. (I was worried there was something wrong with him.)

- to B2B Bistronomy for hosting nearly weekly “Giving Back Sunday” fundraisers for a wide variety of organizations, from the Open Space Alliance to the Agora Crisis Center.

- And especially to St. Martin’s Coffee Shop for letting me get my caffeine fix and help people who are transitioning out of homelessness at the same time.

Happy Thanksgiving, Burque.

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