Food News
 Alibi V.25 No.28 • July 14-20, 2016 

Food News

Food and History

Sharon Niederman’s latest book, The New Mexico Farm Table Cookbook, won first place in the National Federation of Press Women’s contest cookbook category. Niederman relates anecdotes and stories from farmers, growers and restaurateurs from our dusty corner of the world, and reminds readers of just how important food culture is to N.M. history.

Call It What It Is

The Senate voted 63-30 in favor of requiring food packages to carry labels listing genetically modified ingredients last week. Critics say the labels aren't easy to read for consumers without smartphones. They also find issue with the measure's lack of penalties for companies that don’t comply. The measure is now on its way to the House.


Seventeen New Mexico restaurants won honors at the Wine Spectator’s 2016 Restaurant Awards. The awards recognize the restaurants around the world with the best wine selections. Billy Crews Dining Room in Santa Teresa won the prestigious Grand Award, an honor it's held since 1986.

Dangers of Eating Fast Food

Last week, Wendy's fast food restaurant announced that hackers had stolen customer credit and debit information from 1,025 of its US locations. They put out a list of restaurants that got hit, and it looks like 16 Albuquerque locations were listed along with some in Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Rio Rancho, Deming, Española, Los Lunas, Gallup and Taos.

Where’s the Beef?

Locally-owned California Pastrami is planning to open two more locations in ABQ in the next few months. Both of the chosen sites are larger than the original and sport drive-thrus. Despite the odd name choice, the restaurant is currently ranked number two on TripAdvisor, so they must be doing something right.

Beat the Heat With a Stick

Screw it. I am officially closing my kitchen for the next three months. From now on, we're a popsicle family. Not to worry, though. There are plenty of things to freeze in this world. Here are 10 popsicle recipes to chill you out. (My favorite is horchata).