Alibi V.25 No.31 • Aug 4-10, 2016 

Food News

No More Mu Du

After more than 20 years in the biz, Santa Fe's Mu Du Noodles has closed. This award-winning local favorite will be missed by Asian fusion fans throughout the state. Goodbye, fair love. Goodbye, goodbye.

Pepper Man

You can thank NMSU researcher Fabian Garcia for the wimp-friendly mild peppers found throughout American Mexican cuisine. Over a hundred years ago, he began developing a variety of chiles that brought Mexican flavor into white America. I think he might be my hero.

A Healthier McDonald's

Ronald McDonald
Mcdonald’s would never do anything to hurt you.
karencastens via morguefile

Wow. Dollars in action. McDonald's has announced it will be removing artificial preservatives from a chunk of its menu. They will also be removing high fructose corn syrup from their buns. Oh. And no more chickens with antibiotics. I'm impressed.

Steak That Claim

MSN and ratings app Foursquare went hunting for “the best steakhouses in every state.” And they gave the honor to Mesilla’s Double Eagle—which received an 8.4/10 rating from Foursquare users—naming it N.M.'s number one cow eatery. If you use steak sauce there, we can't be friends. Fair warning.

Food Truck Fire

The Mariscos Las Islitas food truck was found burning early Saturday morning. The restauranteur and owner of the truck, Robert Ambriz, told KOB that firefighters allegedly told him the fire began inside the truck and he suspects vandals. The blaze almost reached Amrbiz's restaurant, where the food truck was parked, but was stopped in time.

Hot Coffee

The founders of Flying Star submitted a $1.5 million disclosure statement and reorganization plan to a US bankruptcy court that says they will be giving up all their equity in the restaurant chain and have a payment plan to deal with their debts. Their coffee's pretty good, though.