Alibi V.25 No.32 • Aug 11-17, 2016 

Food News

Local Company Spreads its Wings

Fresquez Cos., an ABQ-based food service company in charge of some of the restaurants at the Sunport, opened a new airport eatery—Tia's Authentic New Mexican Eats—at the Denver International Airport. It's a rebranding of Tia Juanita's, a restaurant at the Sunport, with added healthier options.

GMO Labels Affecting Small Businesses

A new law that requires food manufacturers to disclose whether or not their product contains genetically modified ingredients has many small to medium food companies sweating over how to comply. Changing packaging, adding smartphone scancodes, paying to receive GMO-free certification or even switching up the ol' recipe can cost smaller companies way more than big corporations, relatively speaking.

Catch Some Reality, Losers

Nick Peña, owner of Food Tour New Mexico is planning a scavenger hunt inspired by Pokémon Go. Well, maybe “inspired” isn't the right word. Probably more like, “in defense of reality against the encroaching singularity of the virtual, as evidenced by Pokémon Go.” So yeah. Go out and catch real things.

An Apple (or Two) a Day

The summer will be wrapping up soon, and according to Gwyneth Doland of the Fork, it's time to start freezing your apples for winter pies, tarts and crisps. Her guide to getting it done can be found online at

Fast Food Finished

Fast food sales in the US and Canada are declining. The most recent grease giant to admit sagging dollars was Burger King. Looks like all those junk-shoveling crap peddlers are finally getting the hint: We don't want more than 70% of our population to be overweight (holy God, that's a real stat from the CDC).