Alibi V.25 No.33 • Aug 18-24, 2016 

Food News

Chocolate Dynasty

Chuck Higgins, owner of the original CG Higgins shop (847 Ninita and 130 Lincoln in Santa Fe), announced his plans to sell the famous chocolate and candy shops. Hopefully the torch will be passed on to someone carrying the same sugary expertise that he's brought to us over the years. Higgins has decided to enjoy the fruits of his labor and retire while the going's still good. Good for him.

The Fashion of Controversy

In case you've somehow missed it: Paisano’s Italian restaurant (1935 Eubank NE) has been making big money capitalizing on their controversial advertising choice of a sign saying, “Black olives matter.” It's been all over the national news. Now, possibly to show everyone that they don't care about popular public opinion, they've started selling shirts, too.

More Beer, Please

Marble Brewery is expanding their business with a new taproom at the old post office at 9904 Montgomery NE. The new location will also have food trucks and a beer garden (and possibly a drunken Joshua Lee). The soft opening is Wednesday, August 17.

More Breakfast, Please

Weck's classic breakfast restaurant is expanding their business, too. They've announced plans to open a new location at Alameda West, at the Albertsons-anchored shopping center just north of Cottonwood Mall. Expect to see this new location sometime early 2017.

Get Twisted

So, Twisters opened its 20th location (5501 Montgomery NE ) earlier this month in an old Starbucks. What makes this one different from the others? A brand new modernly sleek style that the owners, VKC Delights, hope will bring more patrons in for dinner. The company also has plans to open another location later this year Central SE near San Mateo.

Avocadogate: A Real Thing

The avocado is under attack! Yes. Apparently those delicious, green, nutrient-packed fruits are inspiring controversy as Mexican farmers illegally plant avocado orchards in the country's pine forests to meet an ever-rising consumer demand. I mean, maybe it's short-sighted, but I really, really like avocados ...