Food News
 Alibi V.25 No.35 • Sept 1-7, 2016 

Food News

Breaking Bad Restaurant Robber Nabbed

APD arrested a man for allegedly robbing the Dog House Drive-In (1216 Central NW) in June. He's obviously not a Breaking Bad fan.

Market To Go

La Semilla Food Center just premiered its Farm Fresh Mobile Market—a street-legal farmers market— in Las Cruces. Fresh produce in a refurbished bus? Why hasn't anyone thought of this already?

Del Taco Posting Up

Del Taco is expanding in N.M. with five new locations. Owners cite improvements on menu platforms and a focus on fresh prep as the reason for the recent boost. Fans of tacos and fries applaud.

Creditors Talk Smack About Flying Star Owners

According to court documents from the ever-dramatic Flying Star bankruptcy scandal, creditors claim the owners mishandled funds and “abused” the cafe chain to benefit themselves. I need some popcorn. This situation just keeps getting steamier.

Desert Oasis

Two brothers are innovating desert farming in Corrales. Aaron and Elan Silverblatt-Buser are growing fresh produce all year round through the wonders of hydroponic greenhouse farming.

Grant Spells Improvements for Growers' Market

The Downtown Growers’ Market is set to grow itself, now that it's parent organization, the Downtown ABQ MainStreet Initiative has received a $10,000 Partnership Program grant. That's a lot of lettuce to promote healthy eating and higher food standards.