Alibi V.25 No.39 • Sept 29-Oct 5, 2016 

Food News

Reel Brews

A brand new 8-screen theater/restaurant/microbrewery is slowly rising from the dust out on Coors and La Orilla. The Flix Brewhouse, a movie theater that serves you food and drinks while you watch, promises to be one hell of a money magnet whenever it opens (which has yet to be announced).

Thanks to an E. coli outbreak last year that started in one of its restaurants, Chipotle has been having trouble getting customers to trust its food again. Starting this week, they're running a media campaign attempting to let people know about their new additions to the menu, and new additions to their food safety process. Sheesh.

Laura Leal, owner of Leal’s Mexican Restaurant in Clovis, was named Restaurateur of the Year by the New Mexico Restaurant Association. Congrats, Ms. Leal, and expect a visit from your's truly in the near future.

It's about to be that time of year when the air is crisp and the drink is beer. That's right. Time for the seventh annual New Mexico Brew Fest, hosted at Expo New Mexico this Saturday. With live music and tons of food trucks, if this festival doesn't scratch it, then it doesn't itch.

And if that ain't enough beer for you, try hitting up the fifth annual Oktoberfiesta fundraiser at Santa Fe Brewing on Oct. 15. A portion of the proceeds will go to local charities, meaning guilt-free beer consumption, and that's something we all crave.