Alibi V.25 No.40 • Oct 6-12, 2016 

Food News

Lobo Love

UNM and its new concessions partner, Levy Restaurants, donated over 200 pounds of food to ABQ's Barrett Foundation left over from Saturday's football game. The Athletics Department said it will be doing so after every football and basketball game this season.

The West Side is seeing some serious changes this coming year. Not only is Flix Brewhouse—ABQ's first cinema eatery—getting built at Coors and La Orilla, but along with it will be a new Thai restaurant and another Village Pizza.

Even though Ruby Tuesday—a diner-style restaurant chain—has shut the doors on 95 of its locations across the US, the company announced this week that it's going to start opening more locations in New Mexico. They're looking for a franchise owner willing to operate three to five locations in a multi-county area. They'll be starting in ABQ with plans to move into Santa Fe.

Check out this long-form profile the Albuquerque Journal did about Kristen Davenport, a farmer at Boxcar Farms. Supporting local food is always good!

Tired of venison jerky and elk steak? Take a look at Buck, Buck, Moose, a cookbook packed with over 100 recipes from around the world for cooking gourmet-level hoofed dinners.

Finally! The horrible, horrible summer is over. Time to start thinking about warm soups and indulgent desserts. God, I love the fall. Here's a list of 50 fall recipes to help you start making plans.