Alibi V.26 No.29 • July 20-26, 2017 

Food News

Saucy Beginnings

Arizona-based Sauce Pizza and Wine just opened its first ABQ location. With its 3,000-square-foot building and 600-square-foot patio, the new spot (2100 Louisiana NE, Ste 810) is really filling out the Winrock Shopping Center in Uptown ABQ.

Free Pizza is Best Pizza

Speaking of pizza, Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza is opening its first ABQ location this week in the Del Norte Plaza (6400 Holly NE). To celebrate the new digs, the California-based pizzeria will be offering free build-your own artisanal pizzas this Friday, July 21 from 11am to 10pm to customers who follow them on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Local Food is Best Food

The Santa Fe Farmers Market is hosting a picnic on Friday, August 11. It will feature locally sourced foods as well as music and games. Get your tickets here.


A panel in the House of Representatives has voted to lift restrictions on horse slaughter for meat. Yes. You read that right. Horse meat might soon be on the dinner table in America. The funding bill still needs to pass in the House, though, and the ban could be reinserted. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Helping Those Who Help

Local nonprofit Silver Horizons says they need more donations to help with their mission to deliver nutritious meals to seniors with mobility, transportation or health issues.

Looking Out For Homeless Kids

KRQE Cares Food for Kids is accepting donations to help local homeless children. Donation drops can be found at Alberton's stores all over the city. Look here for a full list of locations.