Alibi V.28 No.19 • May 9-15, 2019 

Weekly Specials

So You Forgot About Mother’s Day

She read you the same dumb book 159 times, and you forgot to buy her a card? You piece of crap.
She read you the same dumb book 159 times, and you forgot to buy her a card? You piece of crap.

It happens. Maybe you forgot the one day a year celebrating the woman who did everything for you is May 12. Maybe you’re terrible at planning ahead, something she warned you about when you were 12, but you brushed her off to go play Pogs next door. Or, just maybe, you were waiting for this column to save your ass from the fire? Alright, fine, just this once. Here are four places to look at for Mother’s Day, if they’re not already booked up, you forgetful so-and-so.

Slate Street Cafe (515 Slate Ave NW) is your go-to for moms. Not for flirting purposes, but—you know what, let’s try this again. Moms love Slate Street Cafe, and it’s hard to argue with them. Special juice mimosas every weekend, their amazing brunch specials, their green chile cheddar biscuits, and don’t forget about that fritata. Along with a huge selection of wine, your mom will be so happy eating here, she’ll forget to ask you how your career is going, which let’s be real, isn’t what you wanted to talk about.

VARA Wines (315 Alameda Blvd. NE) has a brunch service. Remember that article we did about it last week? Of course you don’t remember, which is why you’re desperately reading through this section to find last-minute ideas. Featuring the full suite of Varas wines and an extraordinary new food menu, you too can sit with your mother on their wonderful patio next to a sprawling green field and enjoy each other’s company while she asks why you haven’t met a nice girl and/or boy to settle down with yet.

How did we get this far into an article about brunch without mentioning The Shop (2933 Monte Vista Blvd NE)? Featuring my favorite chilaquiles in the state, The Shop is nestled snugly on the edge of Nob Hill, which has always been the comfort zone you refuse to leave, your mother may remind you. Their menu is full of vibrant choices that manage to suit even the pickiest of palates. This, coupled with that fact that the food is amazingly good, will leave your mother feeling jealous that you finished everything on your plate, which you never did for anything she made you.

Buck tradition! Avoid the early morning brunch and just go straight into a good lunch. High Noon Restaurant & Saloon ( 425 San Felipe St. NW) is the high-end but affordable place you take your Bumble dates to impress them, so why not do something nice for your mom just this once? With a large selection of great cuts of steak, a sizeable selection of seafood and a well-stocked bar (take a drink every time she reminds you about not calling her enough), you can truly celebrate mom while treating yourself.