Weekly Specials: Salad Guide
 Alibi V.28 No.21 • May 23-29, 2019 

Weekly Specials

Burger Week? What About Salad Week?

You’ll learn to love salads. Promise.
You’ll learn to love salads. Promise.

I have eaten 12 hamburgers in the last week, so as a testament to my body, I am here to let you know about fantastic salads throughout the city. Something to help you on your own personal burger week journey, once you have consumed enough ground beef to give you pause. Welcome to Salad Guide, where we walk you through three local places to get salads if overloading yourself on ground beef turns out to be too hard. That, or you need to help your system reset with something healthier.

Ready, Set, Vinaigrette

Vinaigrette is the first obvious choice on the list. Not only known for their beautiful location (1828 Central Ave. SW) and high-end dining at an affordable price, it is also one of the undisputed champions of salads locally. Everything they serve is worth checking out, though I am a particularly big fan of the French frisée, which is loaded with a poached egg, bacon lardons and a warm shallot vinaigrette. Or you could go for their cherry tart salad, with dried cherries, feta, baby arugula, Swiss, pecans and a Champagne vinaigrette. The point is, you can find something that tastes good and is good for you very easily here.

Fixin’ for Brixens

Brixens (400 Central Ave. SW) is in this week’s issue with their fantastic burger, but did you know they also do an amazing taco salad? This thing is loaded with everything that makes a good taco salad, from the golden-brown fried tortilla to the choice of red chili brisket, green chili chicken or veggie and fish options. Top it off with guacamole, a three-cheese blend and a roasted tomato salsa finish, with tons of other ingredients I didn’t even have space to mention, and you’ve got a super massive salad that helps you break free from burgers and into something fresher.

Good Day at the Cafe

Artichoke Café (424 Central Ave. SE) probably sounds like a place to get a good salad, and you’re right about that. One of my favorite salads in the city is from Artichoke Café, the roasted butternut squash salad. It features beets and baby arugula, a salsa verde vinaigrette, toasted pepita, aged goat cheese and of course roasted butternut squash. Finding a delicate balance between filling and light, this refreshing salad is the perfect touch to the start of summer, and a good choice to start with if you’ve never been to Artichoke Café before.