Alibi V.12 No.45 • Nov 6-12, 2003 

Food Article

I swear it really doesn't get any better than this. I only wish I had been there myself. Week before last, the new Blimpie/Pasta Central Downtown was promoting its grand opening by sending a costumed mascot (a bear) out into the street to draw attention to the new store and hand out coupons. Good idea, right? Well it was only a few days until the nearby Quizno's decided to get in on the action by sending out their own mascot, a giant beverage cup they call the Q Cup. Both mascots pounded the pavement for a day or so, hawking their sub sandwiches. And then the inevitable happened. Friendly competition erupted into a scuffle on the sidewalk between the Q Cup and the Blimpie Bear. The Blimpie manager told me that the Q Cup started it, pushing the Blimpie bear from behind and causing her (yes, the person inside the suit was a young woman) to fall down. The Quizno's manager didn't exactly deny that the Q Cup started the fight but insisted that it was all in good fun. Both sides agree there are no hard feelings and promise to keep it clean from now on. And we had just gotten over the hot dog fight, too. What's next?