Alibi V.12 No.46 • Nov 13-19, 2003 

Food Article

It's a never-ending debate: Dinner before the movie or after? The debate rages on because there is no good answer. It really just depends on the movie, the date and the restaurant. The biggest factor is the movie. Going to see Gushing Fire Hydrant of Blood III? Take her out for meatballs in marinara before the gore-fest begins. Nothing makes a girl loose her appetite for sushi like seeing a small town full of people get eviscerated by a giant slimy beast. Planning on spending a couple of hours on something complicated, something subtitled? Save dinner for later—with a belly full of green chile chicken enchiladas he'll be out cold before the previews are over. Scheduling a romantic supper for after the movie is the best plan for a first or second date when you're afraid you'll have nothing to talk about at the table. Choose any film by David Lynch and your movie analysis could easily last through dessert. (Hell, it could last through your entire marriage.) If dinner goes well you've got a natural segue: "That was great! Wanna go get a drink?" If it doesn't then well, you're stuffed and sleepy. Save the food poisoning excuse for only the very worst of dates. Believe me, that one gets old quick.