Alibi V.12 No.49 • Dec 4-10, 2003 

Food Article

This week columnist Robert L. Wolke tackles the subject of whether or not garlic oil is dangerous. I think it's his most interesting and relevant column yet. Professor Wolke lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pa., but self-syndicates this column through The Washington Post. A few weeks ago he informed me that he was giving up on syndicating his column because it was more work than it was worth. Disappointed but understanding, I asked him to give me some quick advice on an e-mail I'd recieved. A garlic juice manufacturer had sent me a message about a story that appeared in La Cocinita, the food magazine we used to publish and of which I was editor. He claimed that the Valley Garlic Oil we wrote about was dangerous. Suspicious that his claim was untrue but realizing that if it were true I'd be obligated to do something about it, I forwarded the message on to Wolke. In the true fashion of a scientist, the professor investigated fully and revealed that the oil is, in fact, safe. But if you've ever considered making your own garlic-infused oil then you should definitely read his column and find out why it could be deadly. Meanwhile, look for Valley Garlic Oil at La Montañita Co-op. I wasn't lying when I wrote to Bob that I love the stuff and use it all the time.