Alibi V.28 No.5 • Jan 31-Feb 6, 2019 
Hollow Spirits’ stunning avocado toast

Bar Review

Hollow Spirits Will Heal Your Gin Scars

New distillery serves infused liquors and a chef-driven food menu

Whether you should come visit Hollow Spirits for the food or for the drinks is a toss-up, so go for both.
Matt Smith and the Sauvage Rosé at the Gruet tasting room
Robin Babb

Drinking with the Pros

Tasting the Blanc de Noirs Tour at Gruet

Five wines with a dark side in the tasting room

Robin Babb tastes five of Gruet wines, all made with Pinot Noir grapes.
Gruet Grand Blanc de Noirs
Robin Babb

What Do I Eat With That?

The Gruet Edition

A few of our favorite Gruet wines and what to eat with them

The art of pairing food with wine/beer/whatever you're drinking is a highly subjective one, based on whether Mercury is in retrograde, which way the wind is blowing and what model your first car was. With that in mind, here's our suggestion on what you should eat with what your drinking.

Chowtown Restaurant Guide

Get Out There

It’s summer in Burque and myriad patios await your presence. Snap the kids out of their bought air-and-video game trance for an outing that culminates in the joyful consumption of healthful and delicious paletas—no, really!—or invite some colleagues and comrades out to smash the swanky local rooftop bar scene with you. If you’re looking for a more pastoral vibe, get your farm-to-table on in Albuquerque’s resplendent North Valley. Here are a handful of our favorite patios in The Duke City. Don’t neglect to slather on some sunscreen and install a rideshare app (such as Uber, Lyft or zTrip) on your smartphone ... in case you over-hydrate.

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