Alibi V.28 No.23 • June 6-12, 2019 
This will leave you speechless.

Restaurant Review

Hidden Gem in Burque

The Pupuseria brings variety and taste to the forefront

The chicken at Pupuseria y Restaurant Salvadoreño was cooked so perfectly it hardly made sense. It was literally falling off the bone but hadn’t been overcooked in the slightest.

Know Your Ingredients

Watch Your Fingers

Prickly pears are a Southwestern specialty

When it comes to originality and innovation, New Mexico tends to go the extra mile. Take for example the prickly pear fruit, which grows on opuntia cacti.
So many beers to try.
Dan Pennington

Weekly Specials

Pride Week Specials

Pride Parade is happening on June 8, so find the best way for you to celebrate and be yourself in the company of friends and allies with these events going on the day of.

Chowtown Restaurant Guide

Chowtown Chowdown

It’s another week, and you know what that means! Time to tell you about more places to go order take out from. Keep supporting local is all I can say.

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