Alibi V.28 No.31 • Aug 1-7, 2019 

Restaurant Review

Burgers, Bites and Beginnings

Santa Fe Bite is poised to take Nob Hill by storm

Sometimes there’s a hidden factor in a burger that makes it different than anything else you’ve ever tried. This “it” factor is alive and well at Santa Fe Bite, showing that there’s still room for traditional tastes to surprise us in a world saturated with wild creations.
japanese garden
City of Albuquerque

Food Events

Ganbatte, Albuquerque

Dinner offers tastes of Japan right here

At Destination Dinner: Japan you’ll be treated to as close to an actual Japanese experience as Albuquerque can muster, featuring a three-course meal that will take place in the Sasebo Japanese Garden.
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I know. My mouth was watering this entire time just thinking of it.
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Weekly Specials

The Only Curry Better Than Tim

Curry, a staple of Indian culture, which also became popular in Japan, is the perfect combination of saucy spices to go with rice, meat and veggies and just what you need to hit the spot that kickstarts your system with a bit of heat and a lot of flavor.


The West Is the Fest

Mountain West Brew Fest

Enjoy NM craft beer tastings, live music, food trucks, kids' activities and more.
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You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato

Albuquerque Tomato Fiesta

Enjoy heirloom tomato tastings, treats, activities for kids, live music, produce, craft vendors and cooking demos with presentations on preserving a harvest and a plant diagnostic clinic.

Chowtown Restaurant Guide

Get Out There

It’s summer in Burque and myriad patios await your presence. Snap the kids out of their bought air-and-video game trance for an outing that culminates in the joyful consumption of healthful and delicious paletas—no, really!—or invite some colleagues and comrades out to smash the swanky local rooftop bar scene with you. If you’re looking for a more pastoral vibe, get your farm-to-table on in Albuquerque’s resplendent North Valley. Here are a handful of our favorite patios in The Duke City. Don’t neglect to slather on some sunscreen and install a rideshare app (such as Uber, Lyft or zTrip) on your smartphone ... in case you over-hydrate.

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