Alibi V.28 No.43 • Oct 24-30, 2019 
Not listed but still amazing: the corned beef and cabbage

Restaurant Review

A Quarter Celtic on My Dad’s Side

Celtic Fare Is the Name of the Game at Quarter Celtic

Dan Pennington goes to Quarter Celtic but then only writes about the food.
Cottage Pie
Dan Rayne Pennington

Dining In

The Pie of My Eye

Inspired by Quarter Celtic's Shepherd's Pie, Dan Pennington makes Cottage Pie and shares his recipe.
Toast points with an olive and larva relish
Eric Williams Photography

Food Events

Lemme Bug You For A Sec

Don’t Bug Out on This Dinner

One of the things you can do this week is eat some well-prepared bugs, while learning about how much more often you could be doing that.
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Chowtown Restaurant Guide

Nursing It Back

Little Sir Dan, sat with his hands, aloft over keyboard with a frown. Along came his boss, and with a crumpled note he did toss, asking “Hey, we doing a Chowtown?!”

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