Alibi V.28 No.50 • Dec 12-18, 2019 
Jerusalem-Taste of the Holy Land

Restaurant Review

Journey To Jerusalem

Taste of the Holy Land offers Rio Rancho something new

For many of us Burqueños, Rio Rancho isn’t the easiest drive, but with food like Jerusalem-Taste of the Holy Land, maybe it’s the only logical journey to make.
Dan’s dog
Dan Pennington

Food Events

A Dog’s Dinner

Learn the secrets to making your own dog food

Have big dog food bills? Maybe you should take the Become a Personal Chef to your Pup class.

Weekly Specials

Please Sir, May I Have Some More (Events)?

With every holiday possible happening in the next three weeks, people are buckling down to get ready for the big days. We’re looking really tight on events this week, so let’s celebrate these three that are pretty awesome for soldiering forward during the crazy season.

Chowtown Restaurant Guide

Nursing It Back

Little Sir Dan, sat with his hands, aloft over keyboard with a frown. Along came his boss, and with a crumpled note he did toss, asking “Hey, we doing a Chowtown?!”

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